A homicide investigation has begun following the discovery of a deceased woman’s body in an Arundel backyard Tuesday morning. The woman’s body was discovered burnt in the backyard whilst attending the property for a welfare check following a neighbour calling police to report a disturbance at approximately 6:40am Tuesday.

The residence is now a crime scene for an investigation into the death and whether the crime is a domestic violence related murder. The woman is yet to be formally identified by police at this time.

The primary suspect was found with serious burn injuries near the home early Tuesday morning and has been taken to Gold Coast University Hospital. The man is in a serious condition due to burns to his hands and internal airways. The man is believed to have previously been in a relationship with the victim, however yet to be confirmed due to the woman not being formally identified.

The woman’s three children were inside the Arundel home when the incident has occurred and were present when police arrived. It was confirmed all the children were safe and were taken into care.

The death comes 6 years after the landmark report of the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland. The Queensland Government announced on 24 October 2019, 4 years after the report, that they have implemented all the 140 recommendations that the report detailed.

The question remains is there more that can be done to prevent domestic and family violence in Queensland?

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