Three Brisbane prison officers were injured by two inmates on Monday evening, two have since been hospitalised with one officer suffering a head injury.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman stated that the head injury resulted from being stuck by a cell door that an inmate who kicked open. The other two men were injured whilst restraining the two prisoners inside the cell.

Two of the men were taken to hospital via ambulance, and the inmates were moved into the Detention Unit.

“The matter will be referred to the Corrective Services Investigation Unit for the consideration of criminal charges,” the spokesperson said.

The Together Queensland Prison Officers Union shared their frustration on Facebook, stating that the assault was avoidable, arguing that they had been requesting meal hatches to be installed for two years, avoiding the need to open cells.

“Officer safety is an absolute priority for QCS, and we are committed to making our prisons as safe as possible for our officers,” emphasised the spokesperson.

The assault comes just a month after prison officer Greg Sands was violently beaten in another Queensland Prison. Last year prison officers born the brunt of prisoners frustrations with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, with the number of assaults at an all-time high.

The issue is only further worsened as prison populations continue to rise. The Crime and Corruption Commission Taskforce Flaxton report into jail corruption found that the state’s jails were at 125 per cent capacity. A new prison is being built at Gatton, in the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane to tackle to crisis. It is expected to be completed in 2024 and house 1000 men. The prison will also be particularly unique as it will include drug and alcohol services, mental health, and rehabilitation services.

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