On behalf of all of the family I would like to express our deep gratitude for your assistance over the last nearly three years whilst my nephew's matter has been before the courts, and especially over the last few weeks leading up to, including, and now immediately after, the trial.
There is no doubt in our minds that the outstanding outcome, including the not guilty verdict in relation to the murder charge, is due to the excellent legal advice and representation you have given throughout.
Above and beyond the first class legal services you have provided, the moral and emotional support you have provided to all of us during this ordeal has been incredible. Whether it was dealing with the many questions (legal and otherwise) that any of the family had throughout the process, keeping us positive when things looked very bleak, and calming us, every time you engaged with us and my nephew, not only during the trial, was not only respectful, but sincere and realistic. You were not dismissive regarding any questions or concerns we had (and we had plenty), you did not attempt to sugar-coat the harsh realities, but engaged with us with wisdom, integrity and compassion.
Words cannot express how grateful we all are.
Susan, December 2021

As a man, up against the system, I was very happy to have Shelby represent me, for her choleric personality and direct communication style. She achieved a result I consider to be fair equality, and the matter is now closed for good. I would certainly recommend Shelby to other men in my circumstances. Job well done. Raff - Robina

Criminal Law Client, March 2023
I can't recommend them enough. They are fantastic. They helped me so much with a difficult case, where there was so many roadblocks and injustices and they brought the truth to the light of day. I can't speak highly enough of them, I'm so grateful to them. Thank you so much
Criminal Law Client, 12 October 2021
Thank you for representing us yesterday in court in relation to the DVO variation my ex husband was trying to have action. We were very happy in which the matter was put before the court and the outcome, you kept us well informed of the process and what we could expect.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, October 2021
The solicitors handling my legal problem at Brooke Winter handled my case professionally in a calm and controlled manner, and thanks to Stephany S for her genuine concern and input. The truth shall set you free even though we pay for our mistakes. Good choice for family, legal, criminal advice and representation.
Criminal Law client, September 2021
Outstanding service! I have been dealing with a matter for the last 5 months and as soon as it went to Brooke Winter ... it was resolved within minutes. Thank you so much for your quick response and for finding solutions.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, September 2021
I can not speak highly enough about Mr Brooke Winter always there when you need him never judges you very professional. He and his Staff are just amazing at getting the best outcome for you they are always with you in every step of the way. To Brooke and his team I thankyou and my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. The BEST LAWYERS TO CALL WHEN NEED HELP.
Traffic Law Client, August 2021
Sammi thank you for all your help, I feel a lot more comfortable now after all your advice.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, August 2021
What a fantastic team!!. From the very first phone call, I was treated with dignity and respect. Absolutely professional service, I was always kept well informed of progress and got great results. Highly recommend using Brooke Winter Solicitors. Thanks again.
Family Law Client, July 2021
I want to thank Brooke Winter for always being there when every you need someone in your corner. He is one of the true gentlemen in the business and respects you no matter what is happening in your life. Always be assured he is and always will be in your corner.
Criminal Law Client, July 2021
I am so grateful for your phone call late last night Shelby and I wanted to again thank you for checking in on me to see if I was okay. I would never have expected to receive the type of caring, compassionate and understanding phone call from a lawyer; (as throughout all our communications) and I would like you to know you had a great deal of impact last night in making me feel okay and a lot more positive; so thank you
Domestic and Family Violence Client, June 2021.
Hi Shelby, I just wanted to personally express my heartfelt thanks to you and Russell for all your hard work leading up to and during the trial. I have also personally thanked Russell in another email. You and Russell together were amazing and the defence you put forward flawless. I can never thankyou enough for the hug and words that afternoon in the car park when I lost the plot. That is what got me up the next day to face the world. Also I so appreciated all the updates when I was locked out of the courtroom. No words can express my gratitude for your tireless effort or how I feel as a mother. You brought my boy home Shelby. I will never forget what you did for him.
Criminal Law Client, June 2021
I would glad to say that I am so grateful to have your support all through this process. It was a pleasant experience to find you when I needed the help most.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, May 2021
I have known Brooke winter for over ten years . I highly recommend Brooke winter solicitors. They are very professional and efficient and they get the job done . Brooke will work with you to get the best results he can and will always respond back to you within 24 hours . I am very greatful for the advice and results I have received over the years of knowing Brooke . Brooke is very honest and reliable and I highly recommend them.
Criminal Law client, August 2021
I cannot recommend Brooke Winter and his team highly enough. We went through a very distressing time and the care and compassion given by Brooke personally was above and beyond what I believe we would have received from another solicitor. His advice and knowledge was exceptional and having been in the legal industry for some 35 years myself I can say that he is the best I have come across in his field.
Criminal Law client, May 2021
The team at Brooke winter solicitors were absolutely fantastic helping me through my matter very helpful and positive.. I was very happy with Allanah who helped me reach the best outcome possible she’s absolutely fantastic highly recommended.
Traffic Law Client, April 2021
Sammi, thank you so much for what you did yesterday in court for my partner and I. Wow you were on fire! I cannot thank you enough for your support yesterday you have no idea how much we appreciate it.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, March 2021.
The team at Brooke Winter Solicitors are absolutely fantastic. I can not speak highly enough. They made one of the most hardest times in life alot easier, and finally got the truth a justice. From Nettie at reception, to all the team that worked on my case, they are all very good at the job they do. I'd most definitely use them again and recommend them to everyone. A massive THANK YOU.
Criminal Law Client, March 2021
I went through Madison at Brooke Winter Solicitors and she was incredible! I got my desired and the best possible outcome and she made me feel extremely comfortable! Couldn’t recommend the team at Brooke Winters Solicitors more! So accomodating, helpful and informative even before I chose for them to represent me. 1000%%!!
Criminal Law and Traffic law Client, February 2021
Hi Shelby, I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for how you handled my hearing today and also in the lead up. While the circumstances of my charge were unusual, I had a lot at stake with my career so your textbook approach was exactly what was required and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. More broadly to the BW team, right from the get go when I called your office and spoke directly with Brooke and then you were allocated to my case, I knew I was in safe hands. This did a lot to reduce the stress of it all. Thanks once again.
Criminal Law Client, February 2021
Hi Sammi, I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your support. You really have been so wonderful.
Domestic and Family Violence Client, January 2021
I had my drink driving case at the Southport Magistrates Court today. Just wanted to say u guys did a great job. Shelby and Sammi were very professional. I couldn’t be happier with the way they handled my case.
Traffic Law Client, December 2020
Your team are of high quality that embraces each case we were challenged with like a bull charging into the ring towards a red flag. I can’t thank you enough for your professional service, my daughter was looking at many years of jail, but this amazing team not only got her out of jail but also no charges were recorded towards her.
Criminal law Client, October 2020
I would like to thank you and your outstanding team for your support and guidance throughout the past 2 years with my daughter's intense charges she was facing. Your team walked each step with us and never felt left in the dark, we were always explained to thoroughly and educated on the up and coming court dates and advised on the best choices to take for the situation at hand.
Criminal Law Client, October 2020
Thank you for being a great lawyer, and working for a great law firm. You have no idea how much you have done for me and how much I appreciate everything! Best wishes and regards
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (24 June 2019)
I was going through a tough time in my life, caught in a toxic relationship and found myself standing in front of a judge in relation to domestic violence. Mitchell Stanbrook from Brooke Winter Solicitors represented me and he really made me feel at ease and I felt that he truly cared about my situation and that he was there to help. Rather than just providing paperwork and pleading guilty, he thoroughly analysed the case and was able to negotiate with prosecutors to drop some of the charges using case law. He really went above and beyond and I got the outcome I was after. I highly recommend Mitchell as he is a passionate solicitor; who are hard to come by.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (22 May 2019)
I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Brooke and the crew for getting me such a great result. Also you made the process very easy and you gave me a lot of confidence from the start. Thanks again.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (16 September 2018)
Thank you - Allanah has done an incredible job! All the best
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (10 July 2018)
Hello I thought I’d take the time to send this email through to you all, to say how much I appreciated all your help last year. I have as of now completed my court order won by you all last December – 1 year suspended sentence for my disgusting driving record. And now it is finally finished, I am a free woman. For that I thank you all again as I appreciate the second chance I was given last December. Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year ahead.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (10 July 2018)
I am so thankful that I contacted Brooke Winter Solicitors when I was in need of a lawyer. Not only did the team make me feel comfortable and safe, but the personable approach that was given to me really made me feel confident in getting an excellent result. Brooke and his team fought harder then I could have imagined to get me a positive outcome and no words could ever express my gratitude. If you’re looking for a team of solicitors that genuinely care and can put up a tough, professional fight, you have come to the right place.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (15 March 2018)
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for the great work you have done on my behalf & to say how comfortable I was in your presence & process. Your professionalism & expertise from beginning to end was always obvious & much appreciated. While I won’t need this service again & hopefully don’t have any friends or acquaintances that will either, I will certainly recommend you both & your firms should the need arise. Thanks again Brooke for the best possible job & result today.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast ( 10 August 2017)
I would like to thank Brooke Winter Solicitors for your effort and attention to the matter of my SHO application. I will contact you in the future if any matter arises and I would be happy to recommend your service to any of my contacts who may need them.
Name Withheld – Gold Coast (Southport Court April 2017)

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