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Our Bowen Traffic Lawyers

At Brooke Winter Solicitors, our Bowen traffic lawyers handle a range of traffic-related legal issues, offering legal advice and defence representation for offences such as hooning, drink driving, and driving without a licence. If you’re facing traffic charges or have concerns about your driving record, get in touch with us today. The earlier you discuss your traffic law case with one of our experienced traffic lawyers, the better positioned you’ll be to manage the situation.

Understanding Traffic Law in Bowen

Traffic laws are designed to ensure safety and order on the roads. It is every driver’s responsibility to be familiar with these laws as violations can lead to legal consequences. Common traffic offences include speeding, driving under the influence, and failing to obey traffic signals. Each offence carries specific penalties that can affect your driving privileges and legal record.

How Our Bowen Traffic Lawyers Can Help

Our Bowen traffic lawyers have extensive experience and understanding of both local and national traffic laws. We can help the outcome of your case with the potential of negotiating reduced penalties or arguing for the dismissal of charges. 

At Brooke Winter Solicitors, we are committed to providing the legal support needed to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Our team will guide you through the legal process, help you understand your options, and represent you effectively in court or negotiations.

Types of Traffic Cases Our Bowen Lawyers Handle

Our Bowen traffic lawyers are well-equipped to handle a range of traffic offences, ensuring that you receive knowledgeable and effective legal support, regardless of the charge.

Here are some of the common (but not all) traffic offences we deal with:

Our approach to managing traffic offence charges involves a thorough understanding of the specifics of each case. We start by reviewing all the details of the incident, advising you on the best course of action, and then representing your interests in court. If you find yourself facing any of these charges, our team will work to reduce penalties, seek case dismissals, or negotiate alternative measures based on your circumstances.


Why Choose Brooke Winter Solicitors as Your Traffic Lawyer in Bowen

Our team of Bowen traffic lawyers brings a strong history spanning more than a decade, backed by numerous satisfied clients. Brooke Winter Solicitors is recognised as a reputable law firm in Bowen, dedicated to providing outstanding service and achieving superior results for all your legal needs.

Our solicitors are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. This commitment is reflected in our strategic approach to each case, where we meticulously assess all available legal options to protect your rights and minimise potential penalties. Whether you’re facing a minor traffic offence or a serious DUI charge, our team provides the same level of dedication and expert guidance.

We understand that traffic offences can have significant implications on your personal and professional life. Our goal is to handle your legal issues with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that you receive comprehensive support throughout your case. We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering personalised legal solutions to your circumstances.


Contact Our Traffic Lawyers in Bowen

If you’re facing traffic-related legal issues in Bowen, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Brooke Winter Solicitors. We’re here to discuss your case and explore the best legal strategies for you. Book a mobile consultation online or by calling us on 1300 066 669.


Traffic offences such as drink driving, drug driving, and dangerous driving, among others, can appear on a police check as they are considered criminal offences. However, minor infringements, like parking tickets or speeding fines, typically do not appear on a criminal history check.

Traffic infringements, like speeding or parking tickets, are generally not considered criminal offences in Queensland. They are typically handled through fines or penalties, and don’t usually appear on your criminal record. However, more serious traffic offences like drink driving or dangerous driving are considered criminal offences and are handled in court.

Yes, a traffic offence can carry a criminal record. Serious traffic offences such as drink driving, drug driving, dangerous driving or causing harm by dangerous driving are criminal offences and if found guilty, these offences will appear on your criminal record.

For most minor traffic offences, the authorities have one year from the date of the alleged offence to issue a penalty or charge. For more serious offences, like dangerous or drink driving, there’s no time limit on when a charge can be brought. Always consult with a traffic lawyer for advice tailored to your specific situation.

In short, you can refuse a breath test however the consequences could be detrimental to you and your licence.

A Police officer can lawfully request that you take a breath test randomly, meaning they do not need to suspect that you have been drink driving, or after they form a suspicion that you are under the influence of a substance (alcohol or drug). Simply speaking, a breath test is used to measure the concentration of alcohol in your blood.

Under section 80(5A) of the Queensland Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act (TORUM), refusing to take a breath test is an offence punishable by imprisonment and if charged, you would need to go to court. This is regardless of whether or not you had actually consumed alcohol or drugs at the time of offence. The offence itself is referred to as ‘failing to provide a specimen of breath’. This offence carries the same penalties otherwise imposed on those found guilty of high range drink driving. If you plead guilty or are found guilty of this offence, you can lose your licence for 6 months or more and face a penalty of penalty units or even imprisonment.

You may lawfully refuse to provide a specimen of breath for medical reasons if you cannot, for example, blow at the required strength and for the required duration. You would need to have medical proof if this were the situation.

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