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Rockhampton domestic violence orders

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Have you been served a DVO? In search of Rockhampton domestic violence lawyers? Brooke Winter Solicitors are here to support you. We understand the challenges you’re facing and are dedicated to helping you through these difficult times.

Contact our Rockhampton team at 1300 066 669.

Domestic violence remains a significant and distressing issue, covering a range of abusive behaviours including physical, emotional, and financial abuse. If you find yourself in such a situation within your relationship, pursuing a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) might be a viable option.

Our Rockhampton team of domestic violence lawyers is ready to assist you with:

  • initiating your DVO application,
  • drafting necessary affidavits,
  • providing legal guidance throughout the process,
  • representing you in court.

Confronting domestic violence is an undoubtedly taxing and distressing experience. This is why it is so important to secure support during this time, particularly from a legal professional who specialises in domestic violence matters.

Our goal at Brooke Winters Solicitors is to mitigate the stress and uncertainty you’re facing by offering clear advice and exploring all of your legal options. If you need assistance or wish to discuss your circumstances, please reach out for a phone consultation.

Are you a victim of domestic violence?

In Queensland, including Rockhampton, a magistrate may issue a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) as a temporary measure for protection after reviewing your application.

This order becomes active the moment it is served to the respondent by the Queensland Police Service. One of the key advantages of a temporary DVO is its flexibility; it can be modified to address changes in circumstances, with the court revisiting the terms as needed.

A temporary DVO has conditions similar to those in a final protection order. These might include restrictions against the respondent coming near your home or workplace, contacting you directly or indirectly, or engaging in certain activities online.

Responding to a domestic violence order in Rockhampton

If you have been served with a temporary DVO, you should consult with a solicitor immediately to fully understand the implications of the order and your obligations. Violating any condition of a DVO is considered a criminal offence.

Once you receive a DVO, you must carefully review both the order and any accompanying applications. You must do this regardless of whether you agree with the allegations. The decisions you make in response to a DVO can significantly impact your future, especially if there are ongoing or upcoming Family Law proceedings.

You will be informed of the court date concerning your case. Attending this court session cannot be overstated, as failure to appear could lead to a decision made in your absence.

In court, you have the option to consent to the final order, with or without admissions, or to dispute the order. Agreeing to the order generally means it will be enforced immediately. Choosing to contest the order will postpone your case to a later date, allowing for a hearing of evidence.

Brooke Winter Solicitors recognises the gravity of facing a domestic violence order and the serious implications it can have on your life in Rockhampton. Our mission is to protect your rights through expert legal representation. Working with you closely, our experienced Rockhampton domestic violence lawyers will explore every legal avenue possible and help you secure the best possible outcome.

In Rockhampton, and throughout all of Queensland, the primary legislative framework addressing domestic violence are the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 and the Criminal Code Act 1899.

The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 provides for the issuance of Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs). These court orders are designed to restrict certain actions of individuals accused of domestic violence, offering protection to the victims and, if applicable, their children. The act further ensures victims receive necessary support, such as emergency housing, counselling, and access to other vital services.

The Criminal Code Act 1899 serves as Queensland’s primary criminal legislation, covering offences directly related to domestic violence, including but not limited to assault, stalking, and intimidation. This act empowers the police to arrest and formally charge individuals committing acts of domestic violence.

Brooke Winter Solicitors are here to offer expert guidance and support, helping you to understand your rights under Queensland’s legal legislation. If you’re facing domestic violence issues or dealing with the implications of a DVO, contact us to get started.

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