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Facing legal challenges related to domestic violence in Cairns? Our domestic violence lawyers are here to support you. We know you’re facing difficult times and we’re here to help you through them with compassion and understanding.

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Domestic violence is a troubling issue that affects many people. It can include various forms of abuse such as physical, emotional, and financial. If you find yourself in this type of situation within your relationship, getting a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) could be a protective step forward.

Our Cairns team of domestic violence lawyers is prepared to assist you in:

  • Initiating your application for a DVO,
  • Drafting necessary affidavits,
  • Offering legal guidance throughout your case,
  • Representing you in court to advocate on your behalf.

Our goal is to lessen the burden and uncertainty you’re facing by offering clear advice and the legal options available to you. Should you need assistance or wish to discuss your situation further, we encourage you to reach out for a phone consultation with our team.

Addressing Domestic Violence in Cairns: Understanding Your Legal Protections

The Domestic Violence Order (DVO) in Australia is put in place by a magistrate once an application for protection is reviewed and found necessary.

These orders become enforceable the moment it is served to the respondent by the Queensland Police Service. The adaptability of a temporary order is one of its key benefits, allowing for modifications as circumstances evolve and the matter is reassessed in court.

A DVO includes conditions aimed at safeguarding the victim, which may include restrictions on approaching the victim’s home or place of employment, making contact, or posting information online, among other conditions.

If you have been served with a DVO, you should consult with a legal representative immediately to thoroughly understand the order’s conditions and implications. Breaching any condition outlined in a DVO is regarded as a criminal act.

Responding to a Domestic Violence Order in Cairns

It is important to thoroughly read and understand the details of a domestic violence order served to you, regardless of your stance on its claims. You should follow all conditions on the order, as the implications can significantly affect your future, especially with existing or future Family Law proceedings.

You’ll be informed of the court date concerning your case, and you should make every effort to attend. Failure to appear could lead to the issuance of an order in your absence, impacting your legal standing and rights.

When you are in court, you can either agree to a final order with or without admissions, or you can contest the order. If you agree, the order is often established immediately after. Choosing to contest leads to a deferral of your case for a full hearing.

At Brooke Winter Solicitors, we recognise the gravity of a domestic violence order and its potential ramifications on your life in Cairns. Our legal team is committed to safeguarding your interests, offering comprehensive counsel and courtroom representation.

Contact Our Domestic Violence Lawyers in Cairns

At Brooke Winter Solicitors, we will handle your case with absolute confidentiality while providing the extensive support you need. Whenever you’re ready to start, our compassionate team is ready for you. You can reach our Cairns domestic violence lawyers by setting up a mobile consultation or by directly calling us at 1300 066 669. Understanding the delicate and urgent nature of domestic violence cases, we assure prompt attention to your concerns.


The duration of a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVO) in Queensland can vary based on the specific circumstances of the case and the magistrate’s decision. Generally, a DVO can last for a period of up to five years. However, if there’s a significant change in circumstances, parties involved can apply to the court to have the order varied, extended, or revoked before the set expiry date. It’s essential for those under the protection of a DVO to understand the terms set by the court and to seek legal advice for any changes to their situation or if they wish to alter the order’s terms.

In Queensland, including Cairns, the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 and the Criminal Code Act 1899 are the primary laws pertaining to domestic violence.

The Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 outlines the process for obtaining Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) to protect victims and their families from further harm. This act ensures victims have access to crucial support services like emergency housing and counselling.

The Criminal Code Act 1899 delineates criminal offences related to domestic violence, including assault and stalking. It guides law enforcement in arresting and charging individuals for domestic violence offences.

Contact us to explore your legal options and ensure your rights are protected under Queensland law.

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