As of February 1st you are now able to purchase low dose CBD Oil in pharmacies over the counter Australia wide. The product will only be available in doses of no more than 150 milligrams per day and will only be sold to adults. The cannabis derived product is a part of medical marijuana therapy which is used to treat particular health issues, including pain, insomnia and anxiety. The chemical compound is a naturally occurring substance which is extracted from marijuana plants. It does not offer users a high like THC does, and the World Health Organisation found in a review that it doesn’t lead to drug abuse or dependence.

Adults will no longer require a prescription, referral or special approval to purchase the oil. While it is now available it will not likely be in stock for around six months, as no manufacturers have currently had a product approved for sale yet. Manufacturers are working hard to get products approved for sale following the change, most of which will be in the form of an oil. The products are intended to be able to be taken orally but adults. Anything products that are designed for vaping or topical cream products will still require a prescription from a doctor in order to obtain them.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved the sale however the Australian Medical Association continues to oppose the decision, in line with their opposition to the proposal before it was approved.

What are your thoughts on medical marijuana being available over the counter? Is this a step in the right direction for the Australian medical community?