A Brisbane couple was arrested late last week after police carried out raids across various properties in the Greater Brisbane Area. Police allegedly uncovered drugs and recordings of sexual acts at these properties.

Matthew James Markcrow and his girlfriend Crystal Marie Sawyer appeared in Brisbane Arrests Court on 5 February to face the charges. Mr Markcrow faces 10 charges, including of unlawful prostitution, making recordings that breach privacy and contravening an order about electronic information. There is also a Commonwealth charge concerning him conducting a business involving sexual servitude under the age of 18 between March and August in 2019.

Ms Sawyer has been charged with two counts of contravening an order about electronic information and one count of conducting unlawful prostitution. She is currently out on bail, despite various police submissions that suggested she “exerted control” over the women and concerns that she may continue running the business whilst her boyfriend is in custody.

The women kept by the couple were aged between 17 and 24, each drugged, branded with tattoos and used in the couples prostitution business.

Mr Markcrow has been remanded in custody on a return to prison warrant and will be before the court again on February 24.

Police received a tip off late last year. The investigation is still on going.

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