Police are currently investigating a suspected murder-suicide on the Gold Coast following the discovery of two bodies in an apartment in Labrador on Friday. 48-year-old Lourdi Ramadan and her partner Craig Bouma were discovered following a welfare check on Friday morning after Ms Ramadan’s family were unable to get in contact with either of the deceased.

Mr Bouma’s body was discovered in the bed in the bedroom and Ms Ramadan’s body was later discovered in a wooden chest. Upon discovery of Ms Ramadan’s body, the police became involved. There was an alleged suicide note stating that Mr Bouma has allegedly killed Ms Ramadan because he wanted to stop her suffering.

Ms Ramadan was suffering from a chronic illness that she was awaiting surgery for, however she was not diagnosed as terminal. It has been alleged that Ms Ramadan was killed on either Saturday or Sunday and Mr Bouma allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday. Her family has stated they did not believe her to be at risk and had seen no signs of this being a possible outcome for the couple. Mr Bouma had been a loving partner and carer for Ms Ramadan.

This incident comes within a week of another alleged homicide on the Gold Coast where the victim was discovered burnt in her backyard.

These incidents further the question of what can be done to prevent these tragedies from occurring?

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