Interstate NRL players who have refused to be vaccinated against the flu, have been banned from playing in Queensland- and their reaction to this announcement is a jab at our front-line workers.

Last year, Australia experienced its worst flu season on record. Some 310 000 people presented themselves to hospitals and health services nationwide. This figure is seven times greater than Australia’s previous 18-year average and our health care system is still recovering from the repercussions.

There are many factors that contributed to the seven-fold increase, however medical professionals have attributed the unusually high rate of deaths and infections due the drop in the rate of adults who line up for their annual flu shot.

Our medical professionals are already working tirelessly to stay one step ahead COVID-19. To ease the burden, our entire community has been placed under Government mandated restrictions.

So far it has been going well. Australia alongside New Zealand has been paving the way in pandemic prevention.

However, in order to prevent the second wave of the COVID-19 coinciding with the flu season, we are being asked to please line up for our flu shot. This is not an unusual request.

For years, our Government have implemented strict No Jab No Pay policies regarding our children and childcare services. Our medical professionals, front-line workers and aged care service providers are also required to be immunized for the greater good of our community.

Being young, fit and healthy our NRL players are not being asked to vaccinate for their personal benefit. They’re being asked to vaccinate for the benefit of our vulnerable, our healthcare system and our community.