We are only 8 days into February 2022 and the road toll in Queensland for the month has already reached twelve fatalities. This is the same number of fatalities that occurred in the first three weeks of January.

This brings the State’s road toll numbers up to 32 fatalities for the year, and we are not even through two months of the year yet.

The states fatalities have so far consisted of fifteen drivers, six passengers, eight motorcyclists and three pedestrians.

The latest fatality which brought the number up to 12 was the 53 year old who lost control of his motorbike on Friday at Coomera on the M1.

Police are urging motorists to obey traffic laws and prevent these numbers rising even higher. The number of speeding offences and drink driving offences are very high this year are contributing to the high death toll on our roads. In the first three weeks of the year alone Police have issued more than 5,200 speeding fines, detected 338 drivers under the influence of drugs and 572 drivers under the influence of alcohol. These numbers continue to rise into this month and are horrifying police.

The numbers are already six deaths higher than this time last year and Police do not want these numbers to continue to increase.

On Tuesday morning there was a crash on the Olsen Avenue off-ramp which resulted in a car rolling in flipping on its roof. The driver managed to get themselves out of the vehicle but it is unknown if they have suffered any injuries at this time.

Police are left pleading with motorists to do the right thing moving forward, noting that it is on motorists to do better and say the fatal risks people are taking this year need to stop.

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