Are you facing a traffic law matter?

Our team specialises in drink driving charges, Special Hardship Order Applications, Restricted Work Licence Applications, log book offences and more. WE WILL COME TO YOU. We regularly appear in Magistrate Courts all over Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania for traffic law matters.  

If you have been charged with an offence relating to a motor vehicle, it is highly recommended that you immediately enrol and complete a Traffic Education Program.  By completing a program it will allow our team to submit to the court that you have addressed the issue of rehabilitation.  This will be taken into consideration by the court for the purposes of a reduction on the penalty that you will otherwise receive, and also the issue of the disqualification of your drivers licence. 

Our role is to sit down with you and work out the strategy that will get you the best possible result. If you have any questions about traffic law matters or any other topic of law, please call our team of experts on 1300 066 669.