Bestiality refers to engaging in sexual intercourse with an animal or animals. It is strictly prohibited under Queensland law as defined in the Criminal Code. Examples include performing sexual acts with animals, allowing animals to engage in sexual acts with oneself for the purpose of creating videos, or committing such acts for entertainment. Both men and women can be charged with this offence. The offence does not necessarily require penetration to constitute a crime and is also considered an act of animal cruelty.

The Law on Bestiality

According to Section 211 of the Criminal Code (Qld) 1899:

Any person who engages in penile intercourse with an animal is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.”


If convicted of bestiality in Queensland, potential penalties include:

  1. Imprisonment (suspended, parole, or actual time);
  2. Intensive Corrections Order;
  3. Probation;
  4. Community Service Order;
  5. Fines.

The actual penalty imposed depends on the circumstances of the offence and the individual background of the defendant.

Court Proceedings

Initial proceedings for bestiality charges commence in the Magistrates Court. However, due to the seriousness of the offence, the matter will ordinarily proceed to the District Court. A guilty plea results in sentencing by a judge, while a plea of not guilty leads to trial by judge and jury.

Legal Advice

If approached by police regarding such allegations, individuals have the right to remain silent. It is essential to provide police with one’s name, date of birth, and contact details but refrain from answering questions or making statements without legal representation. Contacting a criminal lawyer, such as those at Brooke Winter Solicitors, promptly is advisable for appropriate legal guidance and representation.

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