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Brooke Winter Solicitors has extensive experience in all areas of family law.

Separation can be a difficult time. You might be feeling stressed, confused, angry, or simply exhausted. It can be further complicated if there are property or parenting matters to sort out, or if you and your spouse cannot reach agreements.

An experienced and local family lawyer can help reduce the stress and uncertainty that can naturally arise in this difficult situation. With all the decisions and changes going on, a Gold Coast family lawyer can help you get some clarity about your options, and protect your interests.

Brooke Winter Solicitors offers a wide range of services in relation to Family Law matters. When you need us, we’re there. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us for a free initial phone consultation.

We pride ourselves with continually updating our expertise and knowledge in this constantly changing area of law. So, you know that you’re receiving accurate information about your circumstances.

Our family lawyers provide the highest level of assistance to you when you separate from your spouse or de facto partner. We can offer advice and representation in all aspects of Family Law, including children and property law matters. Our highly qualified and dedicated family legal team are client-focused and will strive to obtain the best outcomes for you and your family.

Our family lawyers and support staff can assist with:

Parenting Matters: Parenting Plans

For parents who are separated or divorced, parenting plans are a useful tool in organising the care arrangements for the children moving forwards.

The key advantage of a parenting plan is that it can simply be a written agreement between you and your ex-spouse, in relation to the children. It's not necessary to have it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner of Declarations or a solicitor, and it can be modified and varied as many times as you like to ensure that it keeps up with the growing changes in your family.

Parenting plans can include anything that is relevant to the children involved, from where the children are meant to be living from everyday to holiday arrangements, special events, birthdays and so forth. The disadvantage of a parenting plan, however, is that they are not enforceable in a court of law, even though they allow for a lot of flexibility.

If you are considering putting together a parenting plan, consult with one of our local family law specialists here on the Gold Coast. We can provide sound legal advice and guidence when it comes to creating a parenting plan.

Parenting Matters: Child's Best Interests

The Family Law Act sets out very clearly that the court must consider what is in the child's best interest. The paramount consideration is that the child should have a meaningful and beneficial relationship with both parents, whilst being protected from being exposed or subjected to abuse, neglect or family and domestic violence.

Under the Family Law Act, there are a number of different factors that a family lawyer can look at which are incorporated under Section 60CC. These include the nature of each parent's involvement with the children, relationship with other family members, their culture, religious beliefs and many other factors to ensure the proper considerations for each individual child are recognised.

Our expert Family Lawyers have assisted many Gold Coast parents with their parenting matters and achieved successful outcomes for both the parent and the children involved.

Property Settlement

A property settlement is the means of severing financial ties with a spouse or de facto partner. To finalise a property settlement, there's a four-step process that a solicitor will take you with, which looks at:

  • the asset pool,
  • contributions,
  • your future needs factors,
  • and ensuring that whatever agreement reached is just and equitable.

It's recommended that you speak with a lawyer to assist you through this process as they will be able to not only give you appropriate family law advice as to your entitlements but can document the settlement in a way that makes it binding on both parties.

Once you have reached an agreement, your solicitors will document it in what's called an "Application for Consent Orders". This records the terms of the agreement and ultimately, will become the order once it is ratified by the Family Court of Australia. 

Family Law Advice

We’re here to make the process as straightforward as possible, and we care about getting the most appropriate outcome we can for each person. Our Gold Coast family law team can work with you on family and property mediation.

If you need to go to court, we can represent you at the Southport Federal Circuit Court here on the Gold coast and all over Queensland. Our family lawyers practice on the Gold Coast, as well as Loganholme and we also travel to all courts throughout regional Queensland and New South Wales.

If you want to learn more about your family law situation or get assistance on parenting matters, property settlement or separation in general, contactBrooke Winter Solicitors for a free phone consultation on 1300 066 669. We’re looking forward to talking with you.

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