At approximately 3:30pm on Saturday a kayaker made a horrifying discovery while kayaking at Gordonbrook Dam. The kayaker found two bodies floating approximately five metres from shore. The bodies were bound together and are alleged to have been there for some time.

During Saturday night emergency services recovered the remains of the two from the Dam.

The bodies were determined to be a man in his 50s and female in her late 40s.

On Monday the male body was confirmed to be that of 51-year-old Kingaroy local Darryl Smith.

The woman’s body is also believed to be a local to the Kingaroy area, and is scheduled to undergo her post mortem investigation on Tuesday morning, where more information may come to light.

Police divers have on Monday conducted further searches of the dam to try and explain what happened to the couple. A number of items have been uncovered by the divers which will assist police in their attempt to piece together how this tragedy occurred.

There is no confirmation yet on how the pair died or what they were tied together with but police have confirmed that they were weighed down with something.

Mr Smith’s vehicle, a white Holden Commodore station wagon was located at the dam on Saturday and is alleged to have been parked at the dam since approximately 13 March 2022.

Mr Smith was last seen on around 10 March 2022 in Wondai and police are appealing to the public to help them understand when the couple has gone missing. They are asking for any information about Mr Smith or his vehicle to be brought to their attention as they investigate what has happened.

There were no missing persons reports which matched the description of the pair that had been filed prior to their bodies being discovered.

Police have not yet finished their investigation and have not yet said if they believe the deaths to be suspicious. However, at this stage they are not looking for any other persons involved.

The Gordonbrook Dam is usually a source of water for the South Burnett region, however the discovery has lead to the flow of water from the Dam being stopped. While locals in that region are assured that the water is treated prior to it reaching their homes, the concerns of locals is understandable given the gruesome discovery in their water supply.

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