A pre-sentence report is an independent psychological evaluation that is used to assist the court in making informed sentencing decisions. 

Pre-sentence assessments generally address the following areas: 

  • Background of defendant, and any personal underlaying psychological issues that may have led to the offending; 
  • Psychometric testing (a way to measure mental ability and behavioural style); 
  • Investigation into the context/circumstances of the allegations/actions; 
  • Assessment on potential to re-offend; 
  • Consideration of suitability for treatment; 
  • Practical recommendations for ongoing management, specialist support and treatment. 

 Ordinarily the court will rely heavily on such a report when making a decision regarding appropriate sentence.  

The benefits of having a presentence report at sentencing include: 

  • Provides the Court with a greater understanding of the nature of the offending; 
  • Independently sets out mitigating factors for the Court to consider; 
  • Provides recommendations for rehabilitation moving forward.  

As special criminal lawyers, our office highly recommends you obtain a presentence report prior to sentencing.  

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