A Melbourne UBER driver is in hospital following an attempted armed robbery which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning sometime after 3:30am. 

Mr Hassan Ahmed was one of the victims of multiple unrelated violent incidents which occurred in Melbourne over the weekend. 

He is recovering after being stabbed seven times and bashed by the two passengers who attempted to ambush him during their trip. One of the stab wounds was to his back after he attempted to flee his attackers. He was punched twice by one of the men and the second one sent him back into his car door’s edge which caused extreme pain. 

Mr Ahmed was unaware of what caused the attack and was unaware of what the two men were aiming to get from the violent attack until they began demanding his keys from him.  

He did not realise he has put the keys in his pocket, meaning his attackers could not make off with his vehicle as they had intended. 

Mr Ahmed fled to a nearby service station for assistance and emergency services were called to the scene. It was only upon their examination that he became aware of his stabbing wounds due to being there being so much blood from all his injuries and he was struggling to breathe. 

Upon medical assessment it was confirmed that Mr Ahmed’s lungs had both been impacted by the attack. His right lung had collapsed and his left lung had been punctured. 

From the other attacks which occurred in Melbourne over the weekend atleast four involved attacks by assailants with knives, two of which ended in fatalities.  

A police investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests at this time in relation to Mr Ahmed’s attack. 

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