A 33 year old Logan man has died as a result of critical burns suffered to 90% of his body.

It is believed the house fire which resulted in Stanley Obi’s death was set by his former partner, Sarah Mudge. She is thought to have broken into the home before allegedly committing arson. 

Superintendent Mark White has commented, “We believe the person who does not live at that residence was somehow able to gain entry and then once in there was able to throw petrol around and that’s how it’s gone’”.

Mr Obi was hospitalised Thursday evening following the fire, however police announced he succumb to his injuries. 

A body found at the scene of the incident is believed to be that of Sarah Mudge. 

It is known that another woman, thought to be Mr Obi’s current partner, was present in the home at the time, and was hospitalised following the incident. Three children present at the scene were not injured. 

The flames left severe damage to the structure of the building. Superintendent White stated,  “The structure itself is in a very fragile state, and that is making the forensic investigation very difficult.” 

Superintendent White further stated, “Police have had contact with the male victim and an ex-partner in relation to domestic violence incidents.”

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Photo Credit:7NEWS