In the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday 7 March 2022, a Queensland grandmother plead guilty to drug trafficking charges. 62-year-old Sandra Castle was charged following a six month period of trafficking dangerous drugs including methamphetamine, cannabis and Oxycontin from her home.  

Ms Castle was running the operation along side her daughter and her partner, before it became a target for a police operation working to bring charges against those involved in the operation. 

The court was informed that Ms Castle was receiving Centrelink benefits at the time of the drug trafficking and she is estimated to have turned over more than $80,000.00 whilst her operation was running. 

Ms Castle is suffering from terminal cancer and arrived in court in a wheelchair for her sentence. The was informed that she may only have months to live at this time.  

Justice Susan Brown presided for the sentence of Ms Castle and in her remarks said the circumstances of the offending were highly unusual. 

The offence of Drug Trafficking usually attracts a penalty of atleast five years in custody, however Ms Castle was sentenced to a five year suspended sentence, which means she will not spend time in custody unless she reoffends and is required to be resentenced. 

Ms Castle received a suspended sentence as Corrective Services Staff and Queensland Health would be unable to accommodate the grandmother given the advanced nature of her cancer and liver disease. It would be too difficult for the staff to provide the appropriate accommodations she would require. 

Drug trafficking carries a maximum penalty of 20-25 years imprisonment, which depends on if the drugs are a Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 drugs under the Drugs Misuse Act 1986. 

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