Jarryd Hayne, former Parramatta Eels player is set to face his third sexual assault trial. Hayne is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman in 2018, following the NRL grand final. He now faces two counts of aggravated sexual assault. 

In 2020, Hayne’s first trial resulted in a hung jury, where the jury where unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

The second trial found the former NRL player guilty of sexual assault, which led to him spending 9 months in prison. This conviction was later overturned by an appeal on the basis of evidential errors and judicial instructions being flawed. 

Hayne was subsequently released from the Cooma Correctional Centre on bail in February. 

The Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions has confirmed they are set to proceed with a third trial, despite the stresses and costs that are likely to result.    

Jarryd Hayne continues to claim the sexual acts were consensual in nature, and maintains his innocence.  

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