Queensland is finally catching up!

Similar to how we download our vaccination certificate, we will soon be able to download our driver’s licence onto our phones. The technology will also include digital access to marine licences and proof of age cards.  

The digital licence will be considered an ‘official document’ allowing you to drive and will also be accepted as a valid form of identification. When having to prove your 18+ status, the digital licence will show a single green tick, without having to share any other personal details- similar to the green tick on the Queensland Government app, confirming you are vaccinated.  

The Department of Transport carried out a successful trial on the Fraser Coast in 2021. A 94% satisfaction rate was reported. The plan is to now roll out digital licences across Townsville later this year before the technology will be expanded across greater Queensland early next year.  

The digital roll out is long overdue- licences holders in New South Wales and South Australia have been utilising a digital licence since 2019.  

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