The Public Trustee is a socially and fiscally responsive Statutory Authority that is designed to help to make decisions that enhance the dignity, rights and interests of Queenslanders. The Public Trustee is governed by the Trustee Act 1978. The Public Trustee is self-funded – meaning it does not receive any financial support or funding from the Government.

The role of this body is to take control when someone is deemed by a doctor to no longer have the capacity and it is decided there is no suitable family member or friend to manage their money.

Their services are expansive, including wills, real estate, investments, financial administration and enduring power of attorney.

Four Corners – an investigative journalism program – recently looked into the effectiveness of this body. They reported that the “Public Trustees have escaped media scrutiny because gag laws in most of the country stop ‘clients’ from talking publicly. Journalists can be fined or jailed for identifying them, even after they have died”.

The finding has been extensively reported, and is worth a read:

The Queensland Government has ordered an internal investigation of the Public Trustee after allegations vulnerable people have been charged.

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability is encouraging people to share their story regarding their experiences of guardianship by going to or calling 1800 517 199.