The Charges

Fail to Comply with Reporting Conditions – Child Protection (Offender
Reporting) Act 2004

Court Attended

Southport Magistrates Court, Gold Coast District, Queensland

Attendance Date

August 2018

Overview of Case

Our client was charged with 3 offences of Failing to Comply with their reporting conditions under the Child Protection Offenders registry.

Under that legislation, a reportable offender must comply with the offender’s reporting obligations, unless the offender has a reasonable excuse otherwise they may face a maximum penalty of 300 penalty units (fine) or 5 years imprisonment.

Our client had been talking to young people over the internet and upon a random check by Police, Police found the conversations on his computer.

Our client advised us that he wanted to plead guilty to the offence but he was really worried about the result as he wanted to move interstate to live closer to his family.

Case Outcome

Our office took time to conference with the client and detail all the preparations he should attend to prior to finishing his matter in court.

He took our advice and completed a great deal of preparations. During sentence, our expert team made submissions on his behalf to allow the Court to see the incident in a more favourable way.

The Magistrate, after considering our submissions, sentenced him to a small fine. This was an excellent result.

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