The Charges

  • 2x failure to appear (FTA)
  • 1x breach of bail
  • 1x evade fair
  • 1x breach of community service order

Court Attended

Beenleigh Magistrates Court

Attendance Date

4th June 2018

Overview of Case

Our client was charged with the above offences. He had also not completed any of his 120 hours of community service. Our client had a history of Failure To Appear (FTA) and has previously been sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. Our client also had a 5 page history of Evade Fair.

Case Outcome

After carefully constructed submissions, our client received a 6 month and 3 month sentence for the FTA charges. These were to be served cumulatively.

He also received terms of imprisonment for breaching the community service order and remaining offences.

His honour granted him parole immediately.

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