The Charges

Grievous Bodily Harm CRIMINAL CODE 1899 – SECT 320

Court Attended

Cairns District Court

Attendance Date

February 2019

Overview of Case

Our client was charged with the offence of Grievous Bodily Harm under section 320 of the Criminal Code. The maximum penalty for this offence upon conviction is 14 years imprisonment. This offence is serious and cannot be dealt with within summary jurisdiction. The offence can only be dealt with in the District Court of Queensland. As such, we assisted our client transmitting the matter to the correct court and had the matter transferred from Brisbane to Cairns for their convenience.

Our client maintained that they wished to plead guilty to the offence. They were accepting of the majority of facts put forward by the Crown and we assisted them in negotiating facts that they did not agree with.

Case Outcome

We provided our client a detailed list of preparations to complete prior to finalizing the matter in court. This included things like counselling, saving compensation funds, anger management courses, references, obtaining employment and the like. Our client completed their preparations as suggested.

Upon sentence in Cairns District Court, the Judge heard submissions from the Crown and from Defence. The Judge took strong consideration toward the preparations our client had completed based on our advice. After successful submissions made by Defence, our client stayed out of custody. They were sentenced to a wholly suspended sentence and ordered to pay the amount of compensation to the complainant as suggested by our office. Our client was able to remain out of custody and return home to their family and employment. This was an excellent result.

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