The Charges:

Wilfully damage of property without consent causing loss – Regulatory Offences Act 1985 Qld Maximum Penalty $500.00 fine

Court Attended:

Southport Magistrates Court

Attendance Date:

March 2018  

Overview of Case and Outcome:

Our client was charged with damaging property belonging to his neighbour, namely a vehicle. The allegations stemmed from a long history of bad neighborhood dispute and our client maintained that he did not commit the offence. Subsequently, we listed the matter for Trial in Southport Magistrates Court.

On the day of Trial, evidence was heard by the Court after examination and cross examination of relevant parties and witnesses. Our office cross examined the Complainant and the involved Police officers in the matter in an attempt to show that our client did not commit the offence he was charged with.

After consideration of all the evidence, the court determined that it was not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the offence was committed by our client. Our client was successfully found not guilty of the offence and was discharged of the allegations.

This was an excellent result and one that our client and his supporters were very happy with.

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