The Charges:

Giving Official a false or misleading document – Heavy Vehicle National Law Act Qld Section 702(1). Maximum Penalty $10,000 fine.

Court Attended:

Roma Magistrates Court

Attendance Date:

April 2018

Overview of Case and Outcome:

Our client was charged with providing false information to an official after an inspection on his heavy vehicle license.

Our client was an interstate truck driver required to travel between long distances to complete his tasks for work. His employer gave unrealistic expectations as to how quickly the driving task could be completed and as such, our client felt it necessary to record false entries into his work log that was not a true indication of his long driving hours.

Our client plead guilty to the offence. We assisted him and provided the court with his antecedents. We were specific with our submissions to the court in order to ensure he received the best possible result.

After our detailed submissions, our client received a fine of $450.00 only. This was substantially low given the maximum penalty for this offence being $10,000. Our client and his partner were very happy with the result.

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