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Chris Dawson has been sentenced to an additional three years in prison ON TOP of his current 24-year sentence for murder.

Chris Dawson was found guilty of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge after engaging in a sexual relationship with 16 year old student when he was a teacher.

Dawson received this sentence after being found guilty in a Judge alone trial. The sentence of 3 years WILL NOT commence until August of 2039.

Dawson will be eligible for parole in August of 2041, however, laws prevent individuals from being released on parole if a body was never found.

What is Unlawful Carnal Knowledge?

Chris Dawson was charged for New South Wales offences; therefore, the New South Wales legislation applies. This legislation slightly differs from Queensland regarding Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, specifically when the act is between teacher and student. This offence is covered under section 73 of the NSW Crimes Act. Usually, Carnal Knowledge offences do not apply to victims over the age of 16, however due to section 73 of the Crimes Act, Chris Dawson was still prosecuted for this offence due to his position of authority over the victim as a teacher.




Under s77(1) of the NSW Crimes Act, the consent of the victim does not count as a defence.

Maximum Penalty:

The maximum penalty for Carnal Knowledge by Teacher is 8 years imprisonment.

Which Court will your matter be heard in for Carnal Knowledge by Teacher:

This matter is strictly indictable.

In that event a committal hearing will have to be conducted and then the matter will proceed to the District Court.  If you enter a plea of guilty then the charge will be determined by a Judge.  If you enter a plea of Not Guilty then the trial will be before a Judge and Jury.  If you are found guilty then you will be sentenced by the Judge

What Should I do if the Police Want to Speak to me About Carnal Knowledge by a Teacher?

You have the right to remain silent. You DO have to provide police with your name, date of birth and contact details. You should NOT answer any questions, make any statement or participate in any interview with the police. You should be polite to the officer but insist that you want to talk to your lawyer. You have the right to telephone a friend, relative or lawyer.

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