Recently, there was a change to Australian marijuana laws. This change could be of interest to those people who are interested in the topic of medicinal cannabis.

In a general sense, these changes may enable access to medicinal cannabis for certain people. But, there are a few hurdles that still exist – and these differ from state to state.

What were the changes to the Australian marijuana laws?

There was a recent series of amendments made to Australia’s Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act. The focus of these amendments was to enable licensed growth of cannabis plants for medical purposes. The changes also make it easier to conduct research on the same topic.

So, it’s now possible to be issued with a licence to grow cannabis for medical purposes in Australia.

How do these changes affect me?

In some medical situations, some people will be able to get a prescription for medical cannabis. They can then obtain it from a licensed source.

This depends on state-level legislation, however. So, if there is still a state or territory law against medical marijuana use in your case, this means that you cannot yet follow this pathway.

So, at this stage, the main impact of these amendments is that it will be easier for states and territories to legalise medical cannabis when they choose to do so.

If you’re interested in learning more about access to medical cannabis specific to your situation, you can speak with a health professional in your area.