Divorcing in Queensland

Separation and divorce are difficult decisions. If you’re considering divorcing in Queensland, it’s a good idea to be aware of the general process.

Divorce involves a standard process. You need to fulfill a series of criteria. The general gist of these criteria is that you and your partner have been separated for at least twelve months, are based in Australia, and are not likely to reconcile.

You can apply for divorce alone, with your partner, or with the assistance of a family lawyer. The process is a little different depending on whether you and your partner apply together, or if you apply alone.

When you’re separating from your spouse, you might also want to consider other factors that can complicate things at this time. Property and children are the two most common areas which might require additional agreements. Divorcing is a separate process from these agreements.

As part of the separation process, it’s important to consider the care arrangements for any children of the marriage under eighteen years of age. Sometimes, it can be challenging to reach an agreement with your ex-partner regarding care of children. You can learn more about children and separation in our article here.

You and your partner will also need to consider property issues. As with matters involving children, you and your partner will need to reach an agreement about the division of property. In some situations, this can create additional complexities.

The first step in both of these situations is typically mediation. In some cases, though, you might need to go to court.

When separating from a spouse, it’s advisable to seek legal advice specific to your circumstances. This can help you to take the appropriate steps, and to be aware of how the process is likely to affect you.

Although nothing can stop this from being a stressful time, it can be comforting to be knowledgeable about the steps involved.