Citipointe Christian College’s controversial contract is a glimpse into “freedoms” that may be allowed under the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill. The contract demanded families denounce homosexuality and that students identify by birth gender, or risk being excluded from the school. 

Current discrimination laws prohibit Citipointe Christian College’s “contract”, however, currently before Parliament, is a bill and associated legislation, which seeks to “ensure Australians are protected from discrimination on the basis of religious belief or activity – just as they are protected from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race and disability.” If passed, the Religious Discrimination Bill is passed, it would override all existing state and territory legislation, and such a contract may be permitted. 

Advocates on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community have been protesting this bill and associated legislation for some time – as it would make it easier for faith based schools- like Citipointe Christian College – to follow the lead and be “overtly discriminating against LGBTQIA+ students”.

The Citipointe Christian College’s contract has been withdrawn “at this time” and Queensland’s Non-State Schools Accreditation Board is meeting with the College to determine if a breach of the requirement that students be treated equally is founded. 

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