On 4 February 2022 the Queensland Government will introduce new road rules, some of which attract high penalties.

New Parking Fine

Motorists caught stopping in electric vehicle charging bays who are not charging their vehicle will now face parking fines. The new fine carries a maximum penalty of $2,757.00 or motorists may be issued a penalty infringement notice worth $55.00 for the offence.

New U-Turn Fine

Motorists will be banned from making a U-turn at children’s crossings, level crossings, marked foot crossings and pedestrian crossings, unless there is a “U-turn permitted” sign. If you are caught breaking these new rules you could be facing a maximum penalty of up to $2,757.00 or a $110.00 penalty infringement notice, as well as two demerit point penalties on your licence.

Interrupting a Funeral Procession

It will also be an offence to intentionally interrupt a funeral procession. The offence carries a maximum penalty of $2,757.00 or a $55.00 penalty infringement notice.

The offences being introduced will bring Queensland’s road rules back in line with Road Rules of other States and Territories in Australia.
The Electronic Vehicle charging bay fine has been introduced following Electronic Vehicle users being unable to charge their vehicles as non-electronic vehicles are parking in the charging bays.

For more information on the Road Rules in Queensland you can visit the Queensland Government Website:

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