Court Attended:  

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Attendance Date:  

March 2018

Overview of Case:

Client came to us just after the Christmas holidays to enquire about a recovery order for her son.  She noted that she had not seen her son for almost 12 months, and had significant concerns about the father not properly caring for the child.  The mother also noted that the father was a known drug user and she had concerns for his behavior when using drugs, particularly the drug ICE, as it had previously caused him to become very violent in the past.

This matter was further complicated through the father actively avoiding service.


Our solicitor was ultimately able to negotiate with the Father at court to allow for the immediate reintroduction between the mother and the child.  Consent Orders were entered into between the parties.  The judge further ordered for the father to file and serve his material within 28 days and for the parties to attend a child inclusive conference to obtain and independent assessment as to how the matter should proceed moving forward, including what orders should be made regarding the care of the child.

Overall an excellent result and one happy client.  The client was relieved that there was finally an Order in place that allowed her to see her own son again.

Comment by client:

The client could not stop thanking us for the excellent work done to date and is looking forward to spending some quality time with her son moving forward.

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