Queensland has recently released their new digital licence app. This now means that you can have your identification on your phone through the app and do not need to carry physical ID. Queensland will continue to distribute physical identification as usual.

Do I have to use a digital ID?

No, the Queensland government has made it clear that it is not a requirement to use digital licence. The app is simply there for those who wish to use it.

Is the digital ID accepted throughout Australia and overseas?

When traveling it is best to still bring your physical ID. Not all venues that require identification will accept digital ID. So, it is best to be prepared with your physical ID. This is similar when travelling overseas. It is recommended that you check local authority websites if you are unsure about using your digital identification outside of Queensland.

Who can use the digital licence?

To be eligible for the Digital Licence app, you must have one or more of the following. A driver licence of any class, a marine licence or photo identification card/Adult Proof of age card. You will also need to have a smart phone that is compatible with the app. Currently there is also a restriction on eligibility if you only have one name. The Queensland Government is working on allowing individuals with only one name to benefit from the app.

Is my privacy protected if I use the app?

The Queensland Government has made it clear that the privacy of everyone’s personal information is a top priority for them. Through the development of the app it has undergone thorough cybersecurity testing and testing will continue as the app runs throughout Queensland. None of your personal information is ever shared, unless you give permission. No person verifying your identity ever needs to touch your device, they can look at your screen or scan a QR code to do so. To ensure the app meets privacy standards, the government completed a privacy impact assessment which can be found on the Queensland Government website.

Is this form of identification legal?

In 2020 legislation was passed regarding digital authorities such as the digital licence as well as concepts of digital evidence of age and digital evidence of identity. Therefore, under Queensland legislation a digital licence can be used legally.

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