Between 2022 and 2023 there has been a 12.7% increase in motorcycle/moped fatalities, and a 25.0% increase in bicycle rider fatalities. There has been a decrease in fatalities in car accidents when it comes to drivers and passengers, however, the overall number of deaths is still extremely high, sitting at a total of 1,119 deaths on the road for 2023. Compliance with speed zones within Queensland has dropped to 72%, excessive speeding of more than 20km/h over the limit has increased overall. The attitude towards speeding within the state is relaxed with 38% of respondents believing that low level speeding is acceptable. As a driver it is so important to learn how to drive to the conditions of the roads and be aware of your surroundings. RATE program is a program available for those that have been convicted of a traffic offence and is recognised in court.

What is RATE Program?

RATE Program is the Road and Traffic Education Program, it is available online for traffic offenders to complete and is looked highly upon by the court system. By completing this course, it shows the court that you acknowledge what you did was wrong, and you are doing your best to better educate yourself on the rules of driving in Queensland. This program is available for anyone facing penalties for traffic offences, or any individual wishing to get more guidance on road safety. The course only takes 5 hours to complete and can be completed at a pace that works for you.

How do I Register?

Registering for the RATE program is easy. Simply look up RATE driving program on your search browser and follow the prompts on the website. The course costs $225 and you will be provided a certificate to present to the court upon completion.

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