The Charges:

Parenting proceedings – Interim Hearing

Court Attended:

Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Brisbane

Attendance Date:

May 2018

Overview of Case:

This was a case where we were instructed the day before an Interim Hearing. There had been several court events prior to our involvement and the matter was proceeding by way of Interim Hearing to determine what time, if any, the father should spend with the children. Complicating this matter was that one of the children was highly autistic and we had not had an opportunity to view any subpoenaed material.

The Father was seeking immediate time with the children, however our client was opposed to this due to concerns as to how the Autistic child would be able to cope as they had not had any contact with the father for several years.


We were able to successfully argue that it was not in the Autistic child’s best interests to spend any time with the Father and that any time spent with the father should be subject to the child’s treating counsellor’s recommendations. We were able to argue for supervised visits with the other child, to be done at a contact centre at the Father’s expense.

We were also successful in arguing that the Father should undergo regular Carbohydrate Deficiency Transferrin tests to measure his alcohol intake, as he had a documented history of alcohol abuse and violence when on the alcohol.

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