Have you heard about the new Queensland cycling laws?

These road rules affect both cyclists and drivers. There has been some confusion about how these laws apply, so here’s a quick summary.

I’m a Driver. How Do These Rules Affect Me?

As a driver, you need to allow more space beside you when you’re passing a cyclist. If the speed limit is 60km per hour or slower, you need to allow a metre or more of space. If the speed limit is over 60km per hour, you need to allow 1.5 metres.

The confusion for drivers arises around this question: What happens if you can’t give a cyclist this much space?

The new Queensland cycling laws allow a driver to safely cross certain road lines, in order to pass a cyclist.

But, if you can’t safely pass them, you need to wait behind them until it is safe to pass. This means that you might need to drive slowly until there is an opportunity to safely pass.

I’m a Cyclist. How Do These Rules Affect Me?

As a cyclist riding on the road, it’s important that you follow road rules. If you don’t follow road rules, you’re subject to the same fines as drivers.

As long as you follow the road rules, and other cycling rules, these new laws won’t affect the way you can ride. However, they may make you feel a little safer on the road.