As we all know, there are many rules and restrictions about carrying guns in Queensland. If you want to own or use a firearm, you need to be licensed. There are different steps, depending on your circumstances and needs.

But, what about knives? We all know that it’s fine to have them in our kitchen. But what about in public? Is it legal to carry a knife then?

The answer, as is often the case, is both yes and no, depending on the situation. You can have a knife with you in a public place if you have a reasonable excuse.

So, what is a reasonable excuse?

In a general sense, a reasonable excuse means that you have a knife with you to carry out a lawful activity. To test whether this is the case in your situation, you could think about how you intend to use the knife that you’re carrying.

You might use your knife as part of your work, and so have it with you for work purposes. For example, you might use a knife to open boxes, or you have a knife with you for work in a restaurant.

Certain hobbies necessitate carrying knives at times, too. For example, if you have your fishing knife with you while you’re fishing, that can be a reasonable excuse, too. Or, you might display a collection of your knives at a show.

However, self-defence is not a reasonable excuse. This means that it’s not legal to carry a knife in public if your intention is to use it to defend yourself.

If you’re unsure about whether it is legal to carry a knife in your particular situation, it’s a good idea to check the facts.