Jack Sadler has been accused of murdering and dismembering his friend Jake Anderson-Brettner in August 2018.

Gemma Clark who is Sadler’s former partner, and partner at the time of the alleged murder, has given evidence at Sadler’s murder trial in the Supreme Court of Launceston. Clark indicated she had lied to Police initially of the whereabouts of the alleged victim partly because Sadler had told her to and for “self-preservation”.

Furthermore, Clark conceded to the jury that she had been sentenced to a period of five and a half years sentence after pleading guilty to being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Anderson-Brettner and failing to report the incident. The sentence was reduced due to a deal made with Police to give evidence at Sadler’s trial.

The Jury heard Clark admitted to assisting Sadler dispose of Anderson-Brettner’s body parts in wheelie bins around Launceston, but that at the time she was unaware the garbage bags contained body parts.  Clark said to the Court “I never saw body parts, I never saw Jake”… “Obviously, I knew something wrong had happened”.

Clark had purchased disposable gloves, plastic, bleach, cayenne pepper, baby oil and vinegar at the request of Sadler the day prior to the alleged murder. Prosecution alleged the plastic was used to line the walls of the room in the preparation for the murder and the pepper, oil, and vinegar were used to disguise the smell of the decomposing body parts in the garbage bags. Clark indicated she thought that was in relation to the manufacturing of illicit drugs and not for the purpose of a murder.

The Trial is to continue today in the Launceston Supreme Court.

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