A house fire in Wooloowin, in Brisbane’s inner north, over the weekend has resulted in Curtis Mickan being charged with two counts of attempted murder, arson and breaching a police notice. The house is alleged to have been set alight in the early hours of the morning on Sunday. At the time of the fire Mr Mickan’s partner and another female relative were inside the home. The two inside the home were able to escape unharmed from the blaze.

It is alleged that Mr Mickan assaulted his partner the night prior to the fire and he has been charged with further offences in relation to that incident. He also faces charges of assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault and wilful damage from that night.

Mr Mickan had been released by the police with strict conditions only a short time before the house is alleged to be set alight. The blaze is alleged to have been lit from the bottom of the home with the blaze spreading to envelop and destroy the house.

Mr Mickan handed himself in to police later Sunday morning. His matter appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday 17 May 2021, where he did not make an application for bail. He will remain in custody while the court process continues.  

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