Alex Robert Smart has been found guilty of murdering a father of 5 on a Queensland Highway. 

The murder of Tylor Bell occurred on Father’s Day in 2019. Mr Bell approached an intersection in Gympie, Queensland where he got into a quarrel with Smart. Smart then exited his vehicle and stabbed Mr Bell in the chest, penetrating his heart. Mr Bell was taken to the hospital, however passed away a week later. 

The two had previously entered into an altercation at a nearby shopping centre, the cause of which remains unknown. 

The now 29 year old, Smart, sat trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court this past week. The jury found him guilty of the murder on Thursday. Smart has been sentenced to a life imprisonment.  

Judge Applegarth commented, ‘One man is dead. Your life is ruined. Five children are left without a father. Others have lost a so, a brother. Friends have lost a good friend.’

Mr Bell’s mother commented, ‘I am angry at how TJ was taken away from us, how TJ died, as though his life didn’t matter, but TJ’s life mattered,” she said in a statement read to the court.’

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