The Queensland Government’s tough new border restrictions encompass few exceptions- including for families who have shared custody agreements across state borders.

Under the new Border Restriction Direction, the only exemptions are:

  • if the person is a Queensland resident
  • if the person is moving to Queensland as a new resident
  • if the person is a border zone resident who is a Queensland resident
  • to comply with an order to attend a court or tribunal or to give effect to orders of a court or tribunal, and they must provide evidence of a court order and confirmation from the court that they are to attend in person
  • to fulfil a legal obligation relating to shared parenting or child contact, including as part of an order or arrangement under the Child Protection Act 1999, and they must provide evidence of a court order or a legal agreement, or
  • to assist with or participate in a state or Commonwealth law enforcement investigation or other action at the request or direction of a state or Commonwealth department or law enforcement agency.

What this means- if you and your co parent have an amicable parenting relationship and have not required court intervention or a legal parenting arrangement being in place- you do not have the evidence required to enter Queensland at this time to facilitate shared custody of your children.

If you need assistance in drafting a parenting plan to facilitate shared custody arrangements across the border during these unprecedented times, our office can help.