As of 1 November 2022 new laws have been introduced in Queensland to target e-scooter riders which will now see the laws in line with cycling laws. The changes have been introduced following an increasing number of catastrophic and life changing injuries from accidents involving e-scooters. There have been fatalities and a number of upper limb fractures and head trauma injuries after accidents. The devices are continuing to increase and popularity and as such the Government has been required to address this by introducing the new rules to highlight the need for safety while using the devices.

New Rules

Riders are now subject to 12 kilometres per hour speed limits on footpaths and shared paths unless they have been signed otherwise. Riders are able travel at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour for all other bike paths and roads, meaning that a number of users will have to significantly slow down compared to the speeds they have been travelling. Personal mobility devices will be able to be ridden in bike lanes on roads with a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour of less, and all on-road bikes lanes that are physically separated. All personal mobility devices with handlebars, like e-scooters will now be mandated to be equipped with a bell. The personal mobility device riders will now be aligned with bike riders and will be required to follow general road rules including stopping at red lights.

New Fines

A number of fines have been increased to target dangerous offences while using the e-scooters including speeding, illegal road use and using or holding a mobile phone while riding.




Up to $575.00

Not Wearing a Helmet

Up to $143.00

Double Riding


Riding on a Prohibited Road


Using a Mobile Phone

Up to $1,078.00

Motorists are reminded to provide a one-metre protection zone when passing a personal mobility device rider, as they are required to when passing a cyclist.

Individuals aged between 12 years and 16 years of age are reminded that they must only ride a personal mobility device whilst under adult supervision.

Individuals under 12 years of age wanting to operate a personal mobility device, are reminded that it is illegal for anyone under 12 years of age to ride a personal mobility device on Queensland roads.

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