Sharon Graham, aged 63, has been found guilty of orchestrating a murder plot involving the death of Bruce James Saunders, as he was fed into an industrial woodchipper. The incident occurred on 12 November 2017, at a property near Gympie. Graham, who pleaded not guilty, was accused of enlisting her then partners Greg Roser and Peter Koenig to murder Saunders with the motive of claiming insurance money.

According to the prosecution’s case presented at the Brisbane Supreme Court, Saunders, 53, was struck on the head with an iron bar while the trio was clearing vegetation on a friend’s rural property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The plan involved disposing of his body by feeding it into an industrial woodchipper to simulate an accidental death.

Saunders and Graham had an “on and off” relationship, complicating the motives behind the murder plot. Koenig, a key witness, testified that he witnessed Roser repeatedly striking Saunders on the head with the iron bar. Subsequently, he assisted in moving the lifeless body to the woodchipper, where he placed Saunders on the tray and used a stick to push the body in.

The court further heard that the day after the murder, Graham, over coffee, discussed Saunders’ will before spending the night in his bed with another man.

With the guilty verdict reached by the jury on Friday afternoon, Sharon Graham is now awaiting sentencing for her role in the disturbing murder plot.

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