A woman was found dead in the early hours of February 15th 2024, on her property located between Jimboomba and Beaudesert. Police arrived at the property, where they found the body of the deceased. Police were called to the property after receiving a 000-phone call. The husband of the victim Amarjit Sardar is alleged to have been the one to call police to report the death of his wife.

Mr Sardar has been accused of murdering his wife and was seen in court on the 16th of Feb after being taken to the Beenleigh watchhouse in the evening of the 15th of Feb.

Police are concerned that there was tampering with evidence on Mr Sardar’s behalf. Police predict that forensic examiners will be at the scene for the next several days collecting evidence. This investigation includes a dive squad and SES volunteers.

On the first occasion where Mr Sardar was seen in court, police highlighted that pathology reports and the finalization of all evidence will take at least three months. Mr Sardar will be returning to court in June to have this matter heard again, where it will possibly proceed further to a trial if no agreement has been reached prior. Until then he will stay behind bars.

The children of the couple were not at home at the time of the death and are being supported by loved ones during this time.

Murder is a charge in Queensland which is outlined in the Criminal Code.  The punishment for murder is outlined in section 305 which states “Any person who commits the crime of Murder is liable for imprisonment for life.”  

The charge of murder is strictly indictable which means that it cannot be ultimately dealt with by any other than the Supreme Court.  When a person is charged with Murder they will initially appear before a Magistrate until the matter is committed to the Supreme Court.

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