• Obstruct Police Officer;
  • Wilful Damage;
  • Assaults Occasioning Bodily Harm.

Court Attended:

Cairns Magistrates Court

Attendance Date:

September 2021

Overview of Case:

Our client was charged with punching an associate after a domestic violence altercation broke out in their home and caused them physical harm. The client was alleged to have put holes in walls in the apartment and having spat on a wall in an elevator. They were alleged to be aggressive and resistant with police when police attended the scene.

Our client maintained that they wished to plead guilty to the offence and was accepting of the facts as alleged by police. They had previous criminal history for offending of a similar nature that had occurred within 2 years of the offences they were charged with. The client was a high risk of serving time in custody for the offences.

We provided our client a detailed list of preparations to complete prior to finalizing the matter in court. This included things like a counselling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and references. Our client completed their preparations as suggested.


Our client was convicted and sentenced to an appropriate fine and 3 months imprisonment wholly suspended, with an operational period of 12 months. They also had to pay $100 in compensation. This was a great result given the facts of the charge.