Over the weekend, Victoria reported 75 new cases of Coronavirus marking the states fourth highest daily total since March 31st, 2020. Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, announced that 14 of the 75 cases are linked to outbreak, 37 cases were picked up through routine tests, 23 are still under investigation and only 1 of the 75 cases can be linked to hotel quarantine. Fortunately, there have been no new deaths as a result with the total death toll remaining at 20 people. It is believed that all cases can be linked to one of the state’s ‘hotspot’ suburbs.

Currently, Victoria has a reported 9 people in hospital with 1 person in intensive care. It is reported that an estimated 15,000 coronavirus tests were undertaken on Sunday, 28 June 2020. The majority of positive results come from the concentrated ‘hotspot’ areas around the state.

A new coronavirus test is being sampled that involves testing salvia rather than taking a swab from the nose. The new test is less invasive and will be used in the worst hit suburbs. The test has been developed by the Doherty Institute and is being quickly delivered to the ‘hotspots’, with the help of the Defence Force.

As a result of the new cases, the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has stated that the state will need to consider stay-at-home orders and further lockdowns in order to control the spike. He has made comment however in relation to further lockdown noting that “No one wants to go back to that unless we absolutely have to.” The state is also leaning on the advice of the federal deputy chief medical officer, Michael Kidd, who has stated that this new spike in cases it was not a second wave of the virus but rather that it is exactly what was planned when the outbreaks originally started to occur around Australia.  Mr Kidd has praised the Victorian government’s thus far, stating it was “very vigorous and appropriate”.