Queenslanders are expected to see additional speed cameras in the coming years with more point-to-point cameras being installed. Queensland Transport and Main Roads have indicated that they have approval for two additional point-to-point camera sites each financial year and will focus on high crash sites.

Point-to-point cameras measure speed using a time over distance calculation from two different points, with the cameras placed approximately 15 to 20 kilometres apart.

The Bruce Highway’s point-to-point cameras catch approximately 300 motorists per month. The Government have indicated their concern in the rising road toll on Queensland roads and the impact the point-to-point cameras have in reducing speeding. There are suggestions that the M1 is a strong candidate, alongside the Gateway Motorway and the Western and Centenary Freeways.

Peter Polesnik from Queensland Transport and Main Roads has indicated the point-to-point camera systems

“…were found to reduce fatal and injury crashes by 36 per cent across those 50-plus sites in the UK”.

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