Neither tourists nor citizens can escape revisions to the Indonesian criminal code that will sex outside of marriage become a criminal charge. The penalty imposed for such offence will attract 1 year imprisonment; 6 months if parties are found cohabiting.

The “Bali bonk ban” sets to roll out over the next 3 years. Human Rights groups raise serious concerns about the draconian laws that will, amongst others, breach the right to privacy under International law.

Sung Kim, who is The US ambassador to Indonesia, warned that introducing such laws in the current economic climate, would have a flow on effect with international business interests. “Criminalising the personal decisions of individuals would loom large within the decision matrix of many companies determining whether to invest in Indonesia,” he said.

This will certainly impact the tourism industry of Indonesia, alongside LGBTQ+ communities in Indonesia, where gay marriage is not acknowledged.

Under the new code, promoting contraceptive measures will be illegal, and abortion will be allowable only if the pregnancy is life threatening to the woman, or pregnancy was a result of rape.

Australians are urged to exercise a high degree of caution when deciding to holiday in Indonesia with their loved one.

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