Following the allegations last week from two women who came forward alleging that they were sexually assaulted by a former federal government advisor, a third woman has today come forward. The first to come forward was Brittany Higgins, who last week alleged that she was raped by the staff member in March 2019 in the office of then-defence minister Linda Reynolds. The second woman, who wants to remain anonymous, was also a former Liberal staffer and has alleged that she was raped by the same staff member l in 2020 following the two having dinner and drinks together.

The third woman to come forward has alleged that she was sexually assaulted in 2016 by the same staff member while she was volunteering for the Coalition’s 2016 election campaign. The third woman has also identified that she wishes to remain anonymous but has signed a statutory declaration in support of her claims. She alleges that the incident occurred after a night of drinking with the former advisor.

The allegations bring to light a shocking pattern of behaviour that is alleged to have occurred since at least 2016. While the man accused of the allegations has been sacked days after Miss Higgins came forward, it would appear to be too little too late for the victims of these alleged crimes. The woman have said that if the previous complaints had been dealt with appropriately then the future incidents would likely not have occurred.

What are your thoughts on the accountability measures in place within workplaces for assault claims?

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